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Virlé Cole is all about timeless vintage fashion. Our mission is simple: to motivate young souls to wear old clothes. We want to start a conversation about the sustainability of pre-loved clothing, and demonstrate just how great you can look wearing something that isn’t bought new, off the rack. It’s safe to say that we’re not your average thrift store. Sourcing only the most eye-catching & distinctive pieces from the good ol’ days, we take the guesswork out of which cuts, hues, textures and patterns deserve to make a comeback in your closet. Because let’s face it, some trends are better left in the past. We’re the go-to destination for any woman looking for sultry glam dresses to street casual separates. Step back in time with understated ensembles reminiscent of style icons like Coretta Scott King, Jackie Kennedy and Lauren Bacall. Or, channel your inner wild child in rockin’ yesteryear threads.     So why should you choose Virlé Cole as your personal wardrobe curator? Each hand-selected item is scrutinized for its tailoring, stitching, fabric, and uniqueness that’ll propel it well into the next decade. Garments come in a broad spectrum of colors & incredible prints, sure to satisfy any fashionista. And you better believe that you can count on this pre-loved collection to constantly evolve with rare additions at guilt-free price points. One-of-a-kind pieces are ready & waiting for their second lease on life.


Virle Cole, CEO talks about her passion for vintage

Hello, I'm Bettina, the creative soul behind Virlé Cole. I'm a southern belle from Lawton, Oklahoma . The Virlé Cole brand is all about timeless vintage styles, and my mission is to motivate young souls to wear old clothes."First off, let’s ditch the per-conceived notion that new clothes are best. I believe in being sustainable by giving clothes a second life. My goal is to saturate social media channels with inventive & colorful imagery to inspire people to wear vintage and pre-owned clothing.  Vintage fashion has always been a part of my  DNA.                                                                                                            

Growing up, I loved to adorn myself in my grandma Virgie’s accessories and layer on my aunt Shirley’s jewelry. Virlé Cole is inspired by these two outstanding women (a.k.a. my fashion godmothers). 

Virlé is tribute to their glamorous, timeless style and Cole speaks to my appreciation for contemporary trends.

This merging of old & new is what sets Virlé Cole apart. All pieces are handpicked from thrift stores, garage & estate sales, yet are fashion-forward enough for today’s high streets. I believe that every woman should inject a little vintage into their life. My collection is constantly evolving with rare ensembles, eliminating the all-too-common risk of spotting a duplicate outfit walking down the street (gasp!).

I have a knack for spotting one-of-a-kind pieces with the same jaw-dropping impact as they had in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Put my fashion addiction to use and join me on my mission to find you stunning clothing staples within your price range.

I hope you find something on that makes your heart race! I take pride in giving you the luxury of wearing something from the past in the present.

Hugs & Love - Bettina